The V0.2 of D3partitionR is now available on github !

(And will soon be available on the CRAN!)


  1. New visualisation:

    • collapsible tree
    • Indented collapsible treed3collapsibletreedemo

2. New functionalities and improvement

  • Shiny input: The partition charts can now be used as shiny input. Several inputs options are available: the clicked node, the visible nodes, the visible leafs,the visible path and the current path.
  • Custom style for legend and labels: you can customize the legend, labels and title style through CSS strings directly in R.
  • The labels on the circle tree map are now curved to follow the circle.

3.Some bugs corrections

  • Conflicts between the circle tree map and other visualisations
  • Correction of the random path generator to generate unique paths

I’ll do a walk through next week to show how to use some of the new functions.