Hello everyone,

The more I am learning about Data Science, the more I see how complex it is and how much variety it has. Due to this, I wanted to have a more complete blog which would tackle Data Science and its variety. So here is

Enhance Data Science

The blog will have four mains topics:

  • Programming, both R and Python are covered with tutorial, novelties in these two languages, discovery of module and packages, …
  • Machine Learning
    • Machine learning explained: How do machine learning algorithm works
    • What’s new in Machine Learning: What are the newest papers in the domain ? What are some recent breakthroughs ?
    • Laguage and softwares for Machine Learning
  • Data Science and Business, this topic will appear later on and will focus on how firms do create value with data science?
  • Big data, this topic will appear later too and will focus on the way to manage important amount of datas.

I hope you will like it !