1.What is it ?

Firstly, it was supposed to be a project to learn Shiny and quickly turn into a real project. I wanted to bring data visualisation, regression analysis technique and data engineering to everybody and for no-cost. Basically, this is a point and click UI to do some advanced linear regression analysis, from model selection, data transformation to diagnostic. Whatever you want to do about regression, you should be able to do it with WifRA !
Model creation
Some very easy (and cool) visualisation you can create in minutes


  • A point and clic UI
  • Data importation, engineering, visualisation and summary
  • Linear regression models with categorical variables, segmentation and interaction
  • Regression summary
  • Regression diagnostic: Outliers analysis and deletion, normality inspection
  • Plot of the model
  • Models comparisons via ANOVA/BIC/AIC

As you can see a lot of features are already available, however, I wish to extend the apps and add a lot of other features.

3.Features to be added:

  • Interaction analysis, pick a point approach and J&N method, post-hoc analysis
  • Other types of inferences to correct heteroscadicty: whitening, bootstrap, ..
  • Ridge, lasso and ElasticNet regression
  • Step-wise, backward and forward model selection
  • Bring all the plotly plots to rCharts
  • Improve code
  • …open to any others idea

4.Where to find it:

On enhancedata.tech:  https://www.enhancedata.tech/WIFRA/